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Tulip Amsterdam Leather Satchel-Painting Crossbody Bag with Amsterdam's iconic houses and vibrant tulip fields

Sale price€210,00

Color:Dark Brown

I'm thrilled to introduce one of my favorite and most vibrant creations yet - the Tulip Amsterdam Satchel, a leather bag collection inspired by my love for the Netherlands and the freedom of art. These handmade Dutch vibe pieces are more than just accessories; they're a celebration of Dutch beauty and artistic liberty, designed to add a splash of color and inspiration to your everyday look. Each Tulip leather bag features intricate Dutch architecture illustrations, capturing the essence of Amsterdam's iconic houses and vibrant tulip fields. 

This leather bag features Dutch houses and Tulips in Amsterdam. Each bag is made individually, and the design is applied to the product upon order. Special paints and fixatives for leather, applied to the front of the bag, are resistant to rain and wear. Every design is unique and will be made to order. The manufacturing time for such a bag is 10 days from the moment of order. Each bag will be sent to an artist in Amsterdam to apply the design to the crossbody bag. The size and color of the bag can be chosen by you personally, and you can specify in the order form what you would like.

Crafted from dark brown leather, these bags showcase individually painted scenes by an Amsterdam artist.  The classic buckle closures, discreetly hiding a magnetic fastener, ensure quick and easy access. Every design is unique, reflecting the artist's personal touch and love for Holland. Embrace the charm of Dutch design with these extraordinary Amsterdam leather bags, celebrating the timeless allure of tulips and the captivating architecture of the Netherlands.

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