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WILDEROE crafts iconic, handmade leather bags that embody durability, quality, and timeless style. Drawn from in-depth exchanges with passionate women and inspired by their strength, creativity, and authenticity, our bags are designed for those who embrace both their imperfections and their achievements. In a world where perfection is often the expectation, WILDEROE stands for confidence, positivity, and the beauty of being uniquely oneself. Offering designs that are feminine yet fearless, and perfectly balanced for work and play.


We celebrate the courageous, those that choose to be themselves. The authentic spirits who pursue their passions and dare to think different. Those who stumble, yet rise stronger, driven by their dreams.


Ever since I was a little girl in Ukraine, fashion and design took my heart. Upon arriving in The Netherlands, my new home, the love for handcrafted leather bags and accessories here caught my eye. Inspired by the durability and beauty of these pieces, I dove into mastering the craft of leatherwork. Now, with my dedicated team, we strive to create distinctive pieces that accompany you daily, igniting my passion with every smile our creations bring.

Together, we've turned our shared dream into a tangible reality, crafting from our base in The Netherlands—a place many Ukrainians now call home. Despite hurdles, our collective spirit remains unbroken, pouring our souls and expertise into each piece, hoping to capture your heart.

Stories to be told together

We dream of handcrafting items cherished worldwide, blending modernity with a vintage essence. Our creations are born from the finest Italian leather, treated with age-old tanning techniques and enriched with vegetable oils. With time, they evolve, telling their unique stories, intertwining the past with your present moments. We hope to create many more stories together with you.

With love, Kateryna