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Our Story

Hello, a warm welcome to Wilderoe! I'm Kateryna, the founder of this venture, and I'm thrilled that you're interested in our story.

As long as I can remember, since I was a young girl, I have been fond of styling and designing clothing. When I moved away from Ukraine and started a new life in The Netherlands, I noticed how the people around me enjoyed crafted leather bags and accessories. The quality of some of these bags and how they passed the test of time inspired me to learn the art of working with leather. With the skills and understanding that years of training taught me, I now, together with my team, seek to create unique companions for your everyday life. Your happiness with our products fuels my motivation every day.

Our team collaborates to turn our passion into a meaningful craft. Our production is now based in The Netherlands, the new home for many of us Ukrainians. Despite the challenges, we've come together and continue to create leather goods with a shared aspiration and belief. Starting with limited resources, we pour our skills and knowledge into every bag, hoping you love it. 

We aspire to produce goods that people across the world will adore and treasure. Our aim is to offer our customers a sense of modern vintage and the spirit of timeless design. In our work, we use high-quality, Italian sourced leather processed using traditional tanning methods, imbued with vegetable oils. Over time, this type of leather develops unique patterns, each telling its own story from the past, making it a part of the present.

Our vintage-style leather handbags and backpacks look even more stylish as the leather takes on rich shades and tones of the leathers’ colors. This ensures that each bag becomes a special and timeless addition to your wardrobe. Thank you for being part of our journey at Wilderoe!

How our team works together…

We believe our production is an opportunity for us to find our passion doing the work we love. We develop our products in The Netherlands, the country many of us Ukrainians now call home. For some of us the war also proved to be an opportunity to team up and continue work on creating leather goods. We are driven by an aspiration to appreciate nature and shared beliefs in the quality of our handcrafted products. We began with limited resources, and now we  are crafting bags we hope you will fall in love with.