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Vision driving Wilderoe

Vision driving Wilderoe

Where the inspiration for my designs come from..

My  inspiration and love for natural leather comes from the desire to create beautiful, high quality and handmade leather crafts. First I draft my ideas on paper and then in my workshop I give life to my designs. Wilderoe takes strong inspiration from Nordic countries, where there is wild untamed nature and an instinctual spirit. I would like to invite you to stop reading for a moment and picture this feeling in your imagination. We strongly believe that our leather is suited for different styles of clothing, comfortable and adjusted for everyday life. 

We hope that our leather bags support you in your everyday life…

We hope that our bags will help you strengthen that connection with the natural world. No more hesitation in front of the mirror; the bags are designed to fit any occasion, a walk in the park or your commute. As an assistant who helps organize your plans and travels in the bustle of the city or in nature! 

Believe about quality leather 

Our items are crafted from the highest quality 100% genuine Full-Grain leather.
The Full-Gain leather that we have picked is a natural byproduct of the livestock lifecycle. After years of working with this leather, it has proven extremely durable and extended use does not destroy the look. Scratches and everyday wear and tear will blend in naturally with the look. A bag or backpack will easily last for 10 years!  And even after all that time, they do not lose their vigor and transform into something special that is always with you. We have intentionally left our products unlined, showcasing the velvety soft suede underside of our hides. This choice ensures that your bag will be a faithful companion for a lifetime.

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