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Amsterdam Leather Bag - Hand-drawn leather bag


Introducing the "Nomad Bag," a black leather waist pouch with a beautiful hand-drawn illustration of the Netherlands. This unique accessory captures the essence of this small yet vibrant country where freedom and culture intertwine. Our artist from Amsterdam has meticulously depicted the iconic canals, charming houses, the distinct scent of marijuana symbolizing freedom in Amsterdam, beloved windmills, and the swift bicycles that are a staple of Dutch life. The anticipation of tulips blooming in May and the influx of tourists from around the globe are also beautifully illustrated, making this bag a true celebration of Dutch culture.

Handcrafted from high-quality leather, the "Nomad Bag" is designed with a practical envelope style. Its perfect size allows you to carry your phone and other small essentials with ease. The magnetic button closure ensures quick and easy access, making it ideal for your active lifestyle. Whether you're cycling, running, walking your dog, or simply strolling in the park, this fanny bag is your perfect companion.

This versatile leather bag can be worn around your waist, over your shoulder, or across your body as a banana bag, adapting to your needs and outfit. The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable and snug fit, making it a seamless part of your wardrobe. The leather is soft and treated with a protective wax coating, giving it a subtle shine and a pleasant touch. The hand-drawn illustration is applied using high-quality, durable paints that won't fade over time.

- High-quality leather construction
- Hand-drawn illustration by an Amsterdam artist
- Practical envelope design
- Magnetic button closure
- Adjustable strap for versatile wearing options
- Protective wax coating for durability

Currently, this design is available in black. You can also order this bag in other colors by sending us a personal message when placing your order. The production time for custom orders is approximately two weeks.

Amsterdam Leather Bag - Hand-drawn leather bag
Amsterdam Leather Bag - Hand-drawn leather bag Aanbiedingsprijs€159,00

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